Chocolate Stirring Spoons | Eid on the Feed

Welcome to my first installment for my latest ‘project’, Eid on the Feed! I personally feel that I don’t connect on a Eid/Ramadan level with many creators out there, so here’s hoping that this helps me meet other creators with my style of creating.

For my first post, I created some chocolate stirring spoons that are perfect for goodie bags and sharing with friends, as most of us are still in some form of lockdown, unfortunately.

I have seen different forms of this floating around on the internet, so I decided that I need to add a little ‘eid’ flair to it! You can stamp, color or even draw your own designs on it, but I decided to use some lovely washi tape from The Write Aesthetic. I used the Masjid Garland and Moon & Lantern, wrapping them around some wooden spoons. Them I dipped them in melting chocolate (I use this one). Before letting it harden, I added some gold and purple sprinkles to match the washi tape (and my favorite Ramadan color combo!

I am going to print a tag (and probably add washi tape too it!) with instructions to dip it in boiling milk! If you were inspired by this, and create something for Eid, please tag me on Instagram, using @everydayengineered OR #eidonthefeed!

Happy Crafting!

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